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The third generation reactors under consideration for Visaginas all have serious concerns about their designs.

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About Hitachi, Ltd. However, there will be a gap of at least seven years between Ignalina closing and Visaginas opening. Visaginas nuclear power plant business plan First deliveries are expected in Visaginas nuclear power plant Lithuania. Share this page: About Visaginas nuclear power plant Visaginas is the atomic phoenix the Lithuanian government hopes will rise from the ashes of the Ignalina nuclear power plant.

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InRATA identified a site close to Ignalina for a near-surface final repository for low- and intermediate-level wastes and the government approved this. Only in did the Lithuanian government pass the required law to allow what is expected to be two nuclear reactors. Run away from him towards the underground. Currently estimated to cost between three and four billion euros the plant is estimated to be completed in The Social Democrats had forced the referendum in order to make Visaginas an election issue, and they formed a government with Labor and two smaller parties they had led a minority government This revolves around the decomissioning of Ignalina. Currently estimated to cost between three and four billion euros the plant is estimated to be completed in Documents all our publications correspondence ngo documents other documents csr policies annual reports bank documents company documents internal campaign documents minutes of meeting bankteach. Nuclear power stations in Lithuania Proposed nuclear power stations Proposed power stations in Lithuania Buildings and structures in Visaginas Buildings and structures in Utena County. Four villages had been demolished for that workers' town, with the biggest one of them known as Visaginas. On 15 November , the environmental impact assessment program was approved. Legislation providing for construction of up to MWe of new nuclear capacity at Metsamor from one or more reactors was passed in June The closure of the INPP is taking place in a unique socio-cultural environ- ment, which is effected not just by a potential eco- nomic recession but also by the existing cultural iso- lation, closed society, social and economical reforms. News our news blogs external news. After that, Lithuanian politicians were trying to downplay the results of the referendum, questioning the legal consequences of the referendum. In addition, Hitachi and Hitachi-GE will also collaborate with local companies and contribute to creation of jobs in local industries in both the construction and operation of the plant.

With nuclear industry estimates proving to be flexible at best, that timescale and budget can be expected to increase. The financial crisis in and hit all three Baltic countries and especially Latvia very hard.

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The narrow focus in Lithuania on nuclear power is preventing the development of clean renewable energy solutions and is a barrier to energy efficiency measures. On 14 October an advisory referendum on constructing a new nuclear plant found It appears that there was no positive response, and Lithuania continues to take measures to isolate Kaliningrad. According to LEI, such issues as the problem of spent nuclear fuel management or the risk of catastrophies have to be evaluated, when assessing the possibility to buid such a power plant [14]. BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and civil society support organisation focused on commercial banks and their finance. The group has concluded that it is not possible to evaluate now, what impact Visaginas NPP might have to sinchronization of European grid, as well as it is not possible to evaluate the questions of Visaginas NPP power reserve [15]. Investment and offtake agreements with regional utilities were being negotiated as wholesale market liberalization proceeded, including adoption of Nordpool rules in and integration into Nordpool in After closure, many people lost their jobs, although still a fair amount buskness working on the decommissioning and closure of the power station. Criticisms include: a failure to consider alternatives to another nuclear power plant, a lack of data about pollution caused by uranium mining, production, decomissioning and radioactive waste, and insufficient analysis of serious accidents.

The results of the referendum are legally binding according to the Law on Referendum [9]. The EU efforts will show the states how to shape their future growth in modern global challenges. The Visaginas nuclear power station was designed to give job security for the Ignalina workers.

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For example, on Novemberthe director of Estonian energy company "Elering" said that the project is not necessary for the region [22]. In NovemberLithuanian Public Procurement Office determined that the "Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant Company" unlawfully bought additional legal services, business consulting, financial advisor and media planning services, by choosing direct agreement as a mean of procurement [21].

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Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant