Ultraviolet rays and the effects on the retina of the human eyes

Chromophores are abundantly present in DNA, thus rendering it sensitive to mutagenesis.

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Fortunately, the atmosphere's ozone layer blocks virtually all UVC rays. Altitude UV exposure is greater at higher altitudes. The role of lens diameter or of the prescription itself magnifying or dispersing effect linked to dioptersframe parameters and shape, different environmental reflections, including skin types, manner of wearing spectacles, morphotypes eg, Caucasian, Asian, Africanand further relevant questions should be addressed.

Detection of phospholipid peroxides in biological samples.

Uv radiation eye damage

Note: Violet arrows, UV radiation; yellow arrows, visible light. Depending on the time of year and latitude, ocular UVR can peak in the early morning and afternoon, at a time when the potential for UV damage to the skin or eye is usually considered to be reduced compared with the peak of the day. Among malignant tumors, skin malignancies have the highest incidence. Ultraviolet radiation and cataract. Acta Biol. Ann Intern Med. For geometric and anatomic reasons, exposure of the eye is much more influenced by ground reflection than is the skin. Participants of different races in different regions showed marked differences, for example in age of onset, but at the same time, predilection sites were similar. Preview Unable to display preview.

Am J Ophthalmol. For clarity and for completeness, some repetition of older work is necessary, but the study of UV radiation effects on the eye has only begun to unfold in recent years, and therefore the emphasis here is on recent work.

UV intensity to the body is most significantly determined by solar angle.

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Photoaging is the term used to describe the clinical, histologic, and functional changes in chronically sun-exposed skin areas, including the periorbital skin. By squinting, ocular exposure is reduced.

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Ocular exposure to UV-B was relatively moderate, but an association between exposure and cortical opacity could be demonstrated. The aging lens: in vivo assessment of light absorption in 84 human eyes. Exposure to sunlight and other risk factors for age-related macular degeneration. Cataracts Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. The weakness of correlation might be attributable to confounding factors. The majority of lenses tested showed negligible UV transmittance 0. Even though it can be removed by surgery, the outgrowth tends to recur. Pterygium Snow reflects UV radiation very effectively With kind permission from Digital Context AB This growth of the conjunctiva on the surface of the eye is a common cosmetic blemish and is probably linked to prolonged UV exposure.

Participants of different races in different regions showed marked differences, for example in age of onset, but at the same time, predilection sites were similar. Figure 2 Photon energy as a function of wavelength in the optical radiation spectrum. The farther you are from the equator, the smaller your risk.

But UVA rays can pass through the cornea and reach the lens and retina inside the eye.

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Ultraviolet Radiation Effects on the Human Eye