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Although they praised its "attractive and imaginative fantasy ," the two mathematicians found several issues. For a time after the fourth night, Robert cannot find the Number Devil in his dreams; later, however, on the fifth night, Robert finds himself at a desert where the Number Devil teaches him about triangular numbers through the use of coconuts.

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What bugs me about division is that you get this remainder. Later, on the fourth night, the Number Devil teaches Robert about rutabagasanother fictional term to depict square rootsat a beach. History[ edit ] Hans Magnus Enzensberger Enzensberger fostered a passion for mathematics and numbers, although he was not a mathematician by trade.

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Many readers, unused to a novel of ideas, may well be daunted by the string of mathematical concepts, particularly because the reasoning behind several of the ""tricks"" demonstrated by the Devil is only glancingly addressed. He also criticized its use in mathematics education, stating "I suspect this is the sort of book that well-meaning adults will mistakenly thrust upon children because it will be good for them. The copymaster contains a table that presents some of the key ideas in each chapter, a link to one investigative Figure Out Activity per chapter, and a suggestion of one other possible response activity. When you enjoy something, and gain immediate benefit, you obviously learn more. I enjoyed this book myself because I love learning new concepts as well as how they make sense in the real world. But for certain kinds of readers--chess players, puzzle enthusiasts--this will be a favorite. Retrieved 17 December The book ends with Robert in class using his newfound mathematical knowledge. Over the course of twelve dreams, the Number Devil teaches Robert mathematical principles. By this dream, Robert's mother has noticed a visible change in Robert's mathematical interest, and Robert begins going to sleep earlier to encounter the Number Devil. The seventh night brings Robert to a bare, white room, where the Number Devil presents Pascal's triangle and the patterns that the triangular array displays.

There was much more magic to be revealed in this great little book, and I would encourage anyone to share it with their children, even if they are already very numerate. At Number Heaven, Robert learns of imaginary numberswhich Teplotaxl describes as imaginative numbers, as well as the Klein bottle.

His mother is Mrs.

The number devil

He also experiences recurring dreams —including falling down an endless slide or being eaten by a giant fish—but is interrupted from this sleep habit one night by a small devil creature who introduces himself as the Number Devil. What bugs me about division is that you get this remainder. There are many properties explored throughout the book, like triangle numbers and Bonacci numbers, and the book teaches you about concepts these numbers can be applied to in real world situations, like the birth of rabbits, or the arrangement of desks. He didn't label the principles as geometry, algebra, arithmetic, and so on. By the eleventh night, Robert has shown considerable increased interest in mathematics, but questions its validity, to which the Number Devil introduces the concept of mathematical proofs , ending with the Number Devil showing Robert a complicated proof of basic arithmetic. Each night for thirteen nights, the Number Devil teaches Robert about numbers and their properties. The German author has since stated he will not write any more young adult's books, but instead direct his effort towards poetry. He lives in Munich. Because he was displeased with the way mathematics was taught to students at school, the German author decided to pen a book that teaches mathematics in an innovative way.

He was also challenged by the necessity to use simple English words appropriate for the target audience of The Number Devil—that is, children aged eleven to fourteen. Unit Sequence: The book is a novel organized as 12 chapters: one chapter representing each night Robert is visited by the Number Devil.

The Number Devil teaches Robert about natural numberswhich the Number Devil calls garden-variety numbers, the unusual characteristics of infiniteand infinite series.

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I just enjoy maths as much as living. The subject comes to life through a series of explorations and metaphors and Robert discovers his passion for the patterns and wants to discover more.

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He just mde it all part of my world. In fact, that would describe Robert, the main character in this book. The Number Devil arranges Robert's classmates in multiple ways, teaches him about permutations , and what the Number Devil calls vroom numbers factorials. That wasn't all. He also criticized its use in mathematics education, stating "I suspect this is the sort of book that well-meaning adults will mistakenly thrust upon children because it will be good for them. Plot[ edit ] Robert is a young boy who suffers from mathematical anxiety due to his boredom in school. For the first time in his life he lay awake in bed, tossing and turning. On the ninth night, Robert dreams he is in bed, suffering from the flu, when the Number Devil appears next to him. All you had to do was wake up and he was gone.
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The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger