The exponential impact of technology over the years

The technology transfer office worked closely with KeriCure to put a license in place that would grant exclusive rights to the drug delivery technology to the new company When republishing, please do not edit the contents of the article, ensure that you attribute the author and acknowledge that the article was originally published on Singularity Hub.

The Bayh-Dole Act turns We put social criteria before economic criteria.

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Source: Paul Stoffels While the challenges we face today are massive, I have never been more optimistic about our ability to tackle them, because we have an explosion of science and technology at our fingertips. And if not, we have proven enterprise solutions to get you there. On the clinical side, Transcelerate BioPharma represents a pre-competitive collaboration across the global biopharmaceutical research and development community to accelerate the development of medicines through more efficient clinical trials. Our investments in research and development are having major impact on life and quality of life. Indeed, Barcelona is arguably in an excellent position to be at the forefront of social tech innovation, since it has very high ICT penetration, is pioneering a digital innovation strategy through its town hall and is home to the Mobile World Congress and significant tech clusters. This is illustrated at the University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB with what began as a simple idea to conserve water that has led to an invention that will save the university tens of thousands of dollars and millions of gallons of water. This comprehensive online course teaches you how. Are you ready? Bytelight is a classic example of student start-up success as a result of university research and technology transfer and entrepreneurship support Does university patent licensing pay off? Once I grasped this idea, I saw that certain emerging technologies accelerate others, creating an exponential effect on business outcomes. Another economic benefit is the ability to retain local talent and create high-wage jobs through technology transfer

Cybercriminals steal and sell personal information; social media holds massive sway over global politics; workers are displaced by automation; economic inequality is growing; data-privacy issues proliferate everywhere, as do criminal crypto-currencies; and we see ever more creative forms of electronic fraud and cyber espionage.

Developed by Dr. I believe that to achieve transformational innovation, we must aim high.

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Video: How data can change the world Biotech, digital biology Aging populations—and interest in slowing or stopping the aging process altogether—drive this sector. Commercial benefits aside, the development of new technologies at universities also offers advances impacting sustainability. While not all discoveries cross the million dollar mark in revenue per year, the value of having products developed at the institution demonstrates to the community in a tangible way the impact of research activities that often may seem esoteric and difficult to understand. For example, the SocialCar founders were inspired by Grameen Bank where they worked and see themselves as a business resolving social problems, with a double impact environmentally and economically for families that rent out their car. With advanced technologies that apply insight on how to improve human well-being on the global scale, technology transfer offices can provide unique examples of opportunities that take inventions out of the laboratory and into the field. Using precision manufacturing techniques, the researchers can create HUDS with unprecedented light-controlling capabilities. At the time, I could not have imagined how far we would come in 30 years. December 10, Exponential Enterprise One of the most interesting aspects of has been the amount of change that has occurred in such a short time. Are you ready? Hausman S. As more funding opportunities become interinstitutional and interdisciplinary, technology transfer programs have fostered cooperation and, often, collaboration among universities to move technologies forward So what do you do if the potential for exponential change makes the future impossible to predict?

Our vision is a more long-term one. In the meantime, get a jump on a new year of innovation.

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In the next ten years, the courts will be flooded with challenges arising from technologies that flout and circumvent existing law, and if the legal system itself fails to adapt and improve — if, that is, the resources required to address these challenges are insufficient — the stress on the system could be profoundly destabilizing.

Many organizations are struggling to create the innovation-friendly cultures and continuous learning environments necessary to survive and thrive.

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The Better World Project. Understanding the high cost of success in university research. Ledford H. But if we combine innovation with international collaboration and inclusivity, together we can create exponential impact. If you are a more third way project i. This is for a myriad of factors: social sector organisations are tweaking their models using technology, rather than embracing its disruptive potential; there has been systematic under-investment in social tech innovation; there is a weak and fragmented Tech for Good movement; and some tech projects have underestimated that social problems are messy and often require organic, human solutions and touches. Social interventions using technology are scalable in a cost-effective way that analogue ones cannot compete with.
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Social impact of exponential technologies