The effects of fire on soil and water

fire effects on ecosystems

As a result, substantial amounts of highly available P can be found in the ash and on the soil surface immediately following fire. In general, changes in soil chemical properties are directly related to the changes in OM described earlier. Organic Matter Although little can be done to control OM loss during wildfires, every opportunity must be taken to revegetate the site so that organic litter can again be restored on the site as quickly as possible.

Aggregate soils also have higher infiltration rates than nonaggregated soils containing less OM. Raison, R. Forest soil biology.

Human-induced fires have shaped our landscape for thousands of years and they are currently the most common fires in many parts of the world. Abstract Soils are among the most valuable non-renewable resources on the Earth. Fire-soil interactions governing site productivity in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Nutrient Losses—Because some nutrients, such as N, P, and S, have low temperature thresholds and are easily volatilized, it is important to consider their losses in more detail.

soil and wildfires
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Fire effects on soils: the human dimension