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Essay on business and environmental protection

This study will look at the key drivers of business sustainability, whether it is possible for an enterprise to focus on sustainability, what makes an enterprise sustainable and of what importance it is to a firm. Therefore, ecotourism has been introduced to customer by many tourism businesses include hotel, resort, airline or safari. The use of environment-friendly, sustainable strategies helps the food industry to decrease its negative impact on the environment and offer customers safe products Lewis, , Businesses now are wary of quick fixes and short-term gains. They are discovered in tunnels in the ground, the heart of flowers, the hollows of trees, fresh-water ponds, seaweed jungles between tides, and even drops of water. Hardisty, Economic dimension In this scenario, company must gather more funds to invest in effluent treatment as well as to go green in real sense also. One example of a sustainable company is Patagonia. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Aastha Singhal Do you have a flair for writing? In fact, the primary existence of public convention centers is to generate a positive economic impact for the local region. Adoption of new technological advancements in the company is one of the key sustainable economic indicators. Its governance and sustainability performance was benchmarked in through a range of external assessments, as a result, according to by Dow Jones sustainability index, the bank has recently been named the most sustainable bank in the world. This irresponsibility increases the costs to the company and is also taxing on the environment, increasing: ozone depletion, deforestation, and global warming Shrivastava, , p. Epstein, The indicators should also be reliable, trustworthy and all the stakeholders in the company should believe in the output or measure provided by the system.

GRI has created Sustainability Reporting Guidelines that endeavor to build the straightforwardness and responsibility of financial, ecological, and social execution and furnishes all organizations and associations with a far-reaching manageability announcing system that is broadly utilized the world over TOTAL, n.

This information can be used for a plethora of pertinent markers in small and large businesses, relating to accounting, investments, consumer activity, and much more. Ideally, having long-range trends available for each of the environmental variables would help organizations identify the impacts a project or policy would have on the area.

Environmental sustainability forces businesses to look beyond making short term gains and look at the long term impact they are having on the natural world.

Investors are equally aware of these issues and there is a trend developing towards investing in environmentally sustainable companies. Without relying on relevant data or information then the entire system will not be effective as desired.

Business sustainability

The concept of sustainability is key to the expansion of the company activities to other untapped global carpet market outside the traditional Asian market. Improves the lives of the people by producing goods and by rendering the services. Each and every business is formed to earn profits, to fulfill certain goals and objectives and to contribute to the society. At the same time investments on technology must be analyzed based on environment dimension and competition to minimize the effects and the investments in the current market condition demands analysis on economic dimension also. Timothy F. Effective risk management system Compliance with relevant legislations Score on compliance Cost that may be incurred in pursuit of compliance. But with the call to expand its market and operation Carpet Corporation will have to ensure that its risk management practices consider all the new regulations and expectations from the new markets.

The mechanization of the weaving process in the Carpet production has largely reduced the price of Carpets as well as helped them in facing shortage of raw materials as hand Knotted carpet production are limited to limited Material.

The reduced cost of production will in turn enable the company to have bigger profit margin and hence improved profitability for expansion and social advantages like improved remuneration for employees.

Now, I know not only the answers of those two questions but also many other interesting related concepts. Can firms generate profitability by simply becoming sustainable. In any business set up the data or information should be accessible to all the relevant stakeholders for the purposes of verification and ascertaining that the system is responding to factual issues within the company.

sustainability essay

The company should also put in place effective risk management practices that ensure that company complies with all the regulations guiding carpet business in all the markets as well as the prospective markets.

Carpet Corporation Group should ensure that its industrial waste process is sustainable environmentally in such a way that its industrial effluence do not damage the environment as the company will be risking heavy penalization from the concerned authorities which may render the whole business unsustainable.

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Sustainability in Global Business essay