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There is no single way to approach a marketing strategy; your strategy should be part of an ongoing self-evaluation process and unique to your company.

The primary goal of your Executive Summary is to provide your readers with a high level overview of your business plan as a whole by summarizing the most important aspects in a few short sentences.

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Avoid script-style or jarring fonts that distract from the actual content. If necessary, you can include different funding scenarios, such as a best and worst case scenarios, but remember that later, in the financial section, you must be able to back up these requests and scenarios with corresponding financial statements and projections Make sure that you include any strategic information related to your business that may have an impact on your financial situation in the future, such as: going public with your company, having a leveraged buyout, being acquired by another company, the method with which you will service your debt, or whether or not you plan to sell your business in the future. File Attachments:. Some people feel that a multi-page plan is too complex to describe in 25 to 50 pages, especially when the business model is very simple such as a one-person landscaping business. Maybe you did a poor job last time; maybe things have just changed faster than you expected. Nor would a working plan especially benefit from, say, product photos. What is the breakdown of expenses?

Organizational Structure Organizational Chart 1 page Ownership Information including: 1 page Names of owners Extent of involvement with the company Forms of ownership i. It's there to be used, not admired. Some of the contents will have different names and be presented in a different order but almost any business plan will cover these broad areas: Business Plan Format Contents Table of Contents Your contents page should be the very last thing you write to ensure that all the page numbers are correct.

While the body of the business plan may be up to 50 or more pages and even more for complex structures or needsthe use of an Appendix is invaluable for supplemental information.

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Finding the Right Plan for You Business plans tend to have a lot of elements in common, like cash flow projections and marketing plans. The Working Plan. Writing Your Business Plan: A Section-By-Section Breakdown We devoted an entire article carefully breaking down the key components of a business plan which takes a comprehensive look of what each section entails and why. You don't have to be as careful, however, about such things as typos in the text, perfectly conforming to business style, being consistent with date formats and so on. A good business plan is always evolving, and every last detail is rarely ever set in stone. This will include things like your sales forecast, expense budget, and break-even analysis. Products or Services At the end of this chapter of your business plan, your reader should feel confident in your products or services. What are the threats your business might face? Remember this: business plans, like all correspondence are written to the targeted audience. New managers should get fresh information about your business and your goals.

What is your mission or vision statement? Our team has already completed the product development and design phase, and we are now ready to begin mass manufacturing.

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It's important to be passionate but clear, and backup your enthusiasm with hard data. Size of the primary target market. Additionally, What kind of employees do you need?

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Often the banks guess is significantly different from yours and could cause them to decline the loan.

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