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My mind celebrated while my vision, blinded from adrenaline, lagged a beat behind, and by the time the two equalized there was a party on the field: high fives and hell yeahs, upraised arms and pumping legs and bouncing ponytails.

I'm damn thankful that I get to do something I love. There were people who were not present during my journey who do not deserve to be there for my comeback. First and foremost, I hate you for the physical pain you caused me.

Still Dickey persevered and became one of the premier pitchers in Major League baseball during the season.

Alex Honnold, Alone on the Wall I started up the climb shortly after dawn. Never again will you wear these colors, this jersey, and this helmet.

Finally, my name came across the loudspeaker and shot through the whole stadium. These fifty sports biographies, all of which are ranked by Amazon as the highest rated and bestselling of their kind, represent the very best that sports has to offer.

After leaving the locker room and winding down, I finally got to bed the night before at 2 a.

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