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Funk, D. Sport is a key site for masculine identities and its representational significance is apparent in its common cultural deployment as a metaphorical and intertextual referent. W, James, F. Shank, M. Ascari, G. Football in Germany.

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European Sport Management Quarterly, 8 3 Why is Facebook an appropriate socialising agent for sport, especially among younger consumers?

Finally, psychological commitment has a direct effect on attitudinal loyalty. A Modified Involvement Scale.

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Attraction An important differentiator between the Awareness and Attraction stages in sport consumer behaviour is the existence of volition. Australasian Journal of Market Research, 9 2 , Manuscript submitted for publication consideration. First, the conceptual model was developed primarily in the context of professional soccer teams, in Greece. High consumer loyalty — both attitudinal and behavioural — is typical of consumer tribes. The understanding of the relationship among the variables is important for managers and professionals since it explains the processes for the development of behavioral loyalty. Sport fans: The psychology and social impact of spectators. The above results agree with the initial model in fitness participation context of Iwasaki and Havitz that proposed the mediating role of psychological commitment and attitudinal loyalty between involvement and behavioral intentions. Leisure Sciences, 26 2 , Bee, C. French football: A financial crisis rooted in weak governance.

Attitudinal loyalty is important for the development of behavioral loyalty but it can also be developed by maximizing psychological commitment and involvement. Havitz, M. Kim, S. The differences in motivating factors between different groups allows marketers to target specific markets with their preferred motivating factor.

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“I am an Arsenal fan”: Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Social Media Analytics