Sentence length in academic writing

This happens because the information in long sentences, like in short ones, can be hard to understand and connect.

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Be aware that the problem often occurs when writers have a list of items they need to convey. Our sentence word budget fits the job it has to do.

Sentence length effect

The second is 27 words and establishes two connected points about the topic of the paragraph — patient evaluation and public reporting. Go here and paste some of your text into the empty box. It contains a verb, but the opening word when tells us that something happens when Andy reads; we need more information to complete the idea. Perhaps a little more, perhaps a little less. The dependent clause in the following example is in italics. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. In Victorian times, that was 29 words per sentence. Short sentences should follow long ones.

Check these journal selection guidelines now! Keeping readers awake means that we have to pay attention to the structure, meaning and rhythm of the writing. The ear demands some variety.

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Which means they just want to understand your point and move on, quickly. Fixing Long Sentences Following the reverse of the above tip, remove excessive coordinating conjunctions and instead use a full stop to start a fresh sentence.

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Sentence length: why 25 words is our limit