Samsung galaxy s3 marketing plan in china

Samsung Company should try to reduce their price of some products so that it is more affordable by low income consumers. However two years after the partnership, with 9 Lumia products out in the European market, the company has not achieved its goal.

Samsung galaxy s3 marketing plan in china

Within a decade Samsung had flour mills and confectionary machines and became a co- operation in The price is also quite high, which differentiates it from the rest of the products in the market and position it in the high- end costly smartphone market, where Galaxy S3 and Iphone are competing. The exclusive deal lasted for two years within the UK before other network providers were allowed to sell the iPhone. Nokia has 7 more Lumia devices. The Lumia is also differentiated by its innovative technologies such as its revolutionary camera. Product design also varies, the company has touch screen products, classic button phones, as well as slide sets. Samsung's product lines are consistent in so far as they are consumer products that go through the same distribution channels such as retailers. Apple is using differentiation strategy by positioning its product as different from its rivals in the market. The product did not seem to enter into any marketing strategy option. The Samsung should improve the battery quality of the smart phones so that the battery life can last for longer and increase the standby time of the phone. I find these two companies the most important, because Samsung and Apple are the market leaders in Europe. Donnelly, A.

Each of these product lines can be further split into subgroups at the time of writing this assignment Samsung had 7 slider phones,4 QWERTY keyboards phones and 32 touch screen smart phones, 32 is a deep product line.

In segment expansion, the company can add new target segments, with their own marketing mixes.

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Introduction In the launching of the Iphone by Apple Inc created the Smartphone market for the average person, before that the product was targeting only business users. The Finnish company had troubles adapting to the market changes, it did not recognize that the Iphone release in would create a new era into the mobile world.

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The company main threat comes from the existing rivals in the industry. The paper is manly discussing the marketing decisions of the company in the Smartphone market and the mobile phone market is ignored, as the product is sidelined due to changing customer needs. Promotional pricing is temporarily reducing prices to increase short-run sales. It is a very successful product which needs less investment to hold their market share. I have also chosen the two models because they are similar and this will provide me with stronger evidence for my findings. Apps are very important, because the users can customize the smartphone according to their needs Desmarais, C. Apple Inc and Samsung are the market leaders, companies with innovative products and great marketing strategies. The products were introduced to the European market for the first time in November , 10 months after the partnership was announced Weber, Samsung is using segmentation strategy with its other products. Just before the lunching of its flagship device - Lumia , Nokia was caught cheating on an advert featuring a new technology. To get a bigger picture of the situation I will take a brief look at the rest of the Lumia smartphones, which are currently offered in the European market. The research question of my thesis is: What is the problem with the marketing strategy of Nokia Lumia, which may have slowed down the recovery of the company? For example, Samsung hires many sales persons to promote their products to the customers and serve them. Samsung offers products for almost every taste and pocket and it is surely using segmentation strategy. Apple with the iPhone have innovated the way phones are designed.

However it does not become clear whether the products are targeting any particular customer group from the physical or non-physical features. But still, Apple remains the pioneer of the smartphone industry and its unique brand image cannot be replicated by Xiaomi or any other competitor.

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For example, Samsung gift smart phone case or hand free to its customer when customer buy a smart phone from their company. The marketing mix should focus on differentiation in most of the components of the 4ps.

It can avoid many threats for a company like uncertainties of a global economy, technologies changes etc. Besides that, Samsung also produces some products which are useful and affordable to lower income level people.

It could be argued that the company is targeting two markets: higher to middle social class customers willing to pay more money for higher quality and a middle to lower class customers interested in the cheaper version.

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The second step is to divide the market into smaller market segments, and decide which of these segments there is greater chance of success.

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