Porter model of habib bank

External Environment; 2. With the help of whom I was able to complete my project. To this end the Human Resource Group HRG encourages and motivates its employees to excel in the responsibility that they have in the organization. Use of modern technology 2. HBL established itself in the Quaids city in and became symbol of pride and progress for people of Pakistan. The branch infrastructure should be up to date. There are two types of Macro Environment.

This reorganization was done pursuant to Bangladesh Bank Order,and the Bangladesh Bank came into existence with retrospective effect from 16 December The books were collected for the library of School of Hope.

Likewise- implementation of Basel 2.

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This also includes the major internal and controllable factors that influence organizations decision making. People using this service can freely remit money from Bangladesh to any part of the world and can access their money from any HSBC booth around the world.

Along with this opening new horizon and fresh perspective of trust, dependability and service through branches and overseas offices with a comprehensive range of financial products. Threats: Competitors: There are other already established foreign and local banks in Bangladesh presently.

Porter model of habib bank

Here the business combines sophisticated global coverage with a broad understanding of local markets and regulations. The fund was provided for the salary of one physical therapist for Customers are splitting as well as can through this cultural towards them W2, T3 down. It shows that how strategic management is helping HBL Bank in creating, maintaining and retrieving the information when required. The IFE matrix is utilised in strategy formulation. HBL focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent in the marketplace. Customer will due to convenience, low cost and high efficiency to change the service to other organization. This can help their existing customers as well as can enhance new customers to them. Due to technology becomes improve; financial control become release and the change of environment in the society, competition between banks become violent and the maturity of financial market in western country is very high, so the competitiveness force bank to find other profit continuously. While working on this project I came across very cooperative personals both in HBL and university. I will highly appreciate suggestions for improvements in this report and its contents from everyone, especially from teachers as I strongly believe that nothing is perfect in this world and there is always a room for improvement. To promote and boost up business sector inside the country.

Customers are splitting as well as can through this cultural towards them W2, T3 down.

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