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The company's antifungal drug, Diflucan, became the world's leading drug of its kind during this time. Another development in was the acquisition of Wilkinson Sword, a maker of shaving products and toiletries and a business that fit well alongside Schick.

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Agouron had been founded in by several University of California at San Diego scientists who pioneered in computer-aided drug design. American Chicle had been formed in through the merger of several major U. Rundle, Rhonda L.

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Furthermore, although the company could boast ownership of fermentation tanks "exceeded in size only by those in the beer industry," Pfizer's bulk chemical business decreased as former customers began establishing production facilities of their own. The combined company retained the Pfizer Inc.

In fact, a management conflict between IMED's manufacturing and research and development executives caused many important employees to resign in frustration.

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Pfizer, Inc. (PFE) Company Profile & Facts