Meethi and vishnu love story

Plus Mukta was acting weird. Ichha saves Veer from a cruel man named Avinash Chatterjee who wants to take revenge from them for winning the custodial rights of his nephew Kanha and his property.

Mukta and Vishnu get married and have a son, Manav Kashyap. The cops arrest Meethi and Aman, while Mukta and Yuvraj leave.

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He pulls her leg. He interrupts her. Neither you nor Mukta nor anyone else as the biggest lie of your relation is that you both love each other.

Mukta accepts in front of Vishnu that she lied to everyone that she loves Aakash as she is tired telling him the truth all the time.

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We never felt like this that you can love him. Veer now Vikas Bhalla still has not yet regain his memory after the incident with Avinash, and lives with his mother Gunvanti and his new wife, Amla Sonica Handa who married him for money.

Meethi and vishnu love story

Have you thought about Ekadish? Later, Veer comes to know that the child is Rathore's and Tapasya is banished from the Bundela Mansion again. You both are married right? Meethi is banished by Ekadashi for the miscarriage which has left her infertile. Ichha arranges Meethi's marriage with Vishnu Kashyap Mrunal Jain , an orphan she has been looking after in prison. I cannot send her out. Damini cannot understand why Rathore has agreed for it. If this is her decision hen I am with her.

Either ways, her troubles have just begun and it will be a long way before she manages to change them.

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Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage?