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Healthcare industry ppt 2018

Medical devices Markets The medical devices industry has witnessed a rapid expansion and though the traditional markets of US, EU and Japan contribute the major chunk of revenues, there has been a rapid growth in most of the developing markets. In addition, smaller manufacturers have difficulties competing with larger healthcare supply manufacturers due to various factors such as purchasing power, sales forces, and advertising expense. Another area of concern is the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. United States is not only the major market but also the dominant supplier in the devices market. But, despite best effort appearances, the Patent Law language remains far from clear, allowing for future potential for ambiguous rulings. In India, customers are not much health cautious. This shows the experience of the unit in cost reduction techniques. These factors include environmental issues like rate of carbon emission, climate change, habits, diseases, decrease in raw material pollution targets, customer demand for ethics etc. India has both large population and the highest heart disease rate. Other international companies have expanded their operations to the Indian market and established assembly centers. Objectives of Project TKO are discussed below: 1. For Bella, in India, physical resources are quite available. BAX , Guidant Corp. Therefore we recommend that Bella India undertake this project as it has the resources and capabilities to do so. Bella healthcare India, part of global organization, has its own strengths, which will lead it to the successful handling of TKO.

Government for products under their purview. This results in a predominance of the bargaining ability of the buyer in determining the price and the subsequent profitability for the supplier.

medical tourism in india ppt

Bella Healthcare India is desired to serve the emerging market of India with their new innovation and development and they spend much on their research.

We have categorized these reasons in two broad categories, External and Internal factors.

healthcare industry in india

Since then, the government has taken the initiative to crack down on infringement and counterfeit products. These patients will definitely need more and more medical checkup and diagnosis facilities, that are not available at this point of time.

The existing technologies and their potential Environmental Factors: Environmental factors have become a really challenging issue due to many constraints and scarcity. Industry growth is expected to remain strong, product differentiation exists with patents providing protection from copyingand sunk costs are relatively small compared to profits high ROA.

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An important first step took place in with China joining the World Trade Organization. So, the firm is weak in such capability.

Currently, the market is witnessing heavy inflow of international patients and this is expected to increase in coming years.

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Medical Devices Industry in India