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A person can display art, not only through music or dance, but also through the creativity of a play or drama.

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I look up to Marilyn, not only because of how good-looking she was, but because Marilyn Monroe was an incredible person that had gone through soooo many rough patches all throughout her life. Even, lots of famous people imitated her. She said that she came from an unhappy and deprived childhood. That year, she signed her first movie contract. There, Arthur finished high school, working in odd jobs until he had enough to afford college at the University of Michigan. During her contract with 20th Century Fox, she stared in Niagara and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , which launched her as a sex symbol superstar bio. Her beauty and innocent smile will remain known for generations to come. A woman with platinum hair, sultry lips and an impeccable hour-glass figure made sensuality a quality that women should embrace Discovered by Nine Inch Nails producer Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson produced extremely gothic industrial metal albums aimed towards young people who enjoyed trash metal, death metal, industrial rock, and grunge. This speech was given in America which laid out early American foreign policy, which would have a lasting impact Foner, Voices of Freedom, p. Her day to day existence had become a series of endless crises that grew more frantic and destructive.

Another friend, Pat Newcomb, said she had been with Monroe just the night before her death and that they had made plans to go to the movies the next day.

Marilyn got really famous for her work even though she came from a terrible background. Norma was definitely not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and she never sugar coated her life to the media.

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Published March 22, Updated August 15, The police initially called it an accident, the coroner said it was a suicide, and conspiracy theorists say it was murder. Even though she was the most beautiful woman of the twentieth century, Monroe also had imperfections and demons of her own.

Marilyn monroe 4 essay

In reality the students who can relate articles from sources like Vouge and Sports Illustrated to life may be the ones who will truly be successful. She is known for her movies and for her promiscuous love life, but little is known about her emotional turmoil. Above everything, her childhood was a nightmare, and she was still a very strong woman, but ill get to that later. Her marriage to Jimmy Doughtery was great until he left for the war; she then needed to find something to fill the emptiness. Born June 1, she was baptized Norma Jean Baker. Arthur got his degree and moved back to New York City where he began his career as a playwright. When they wed, Monroe had just turned 16 and the couple had been dating for just a few months. A woman with platinum hair, sultry lips and an impeccable hour-glass figure made sensuality a quality that women should embrace

Her immaculate care for her looks also played a major factor in the roles she would play in film. Marilyn Monroe was definitely one of the most influential women of the 20th century because of her views on body image, her unique fashion statements, and her impact on pop culture

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