Macbeth motif of blood

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Ambition is good, but it is what one ends up doing with that ambition that eventually seals their fate. It is well known to be saturated with themes and motifs that are repeated throughout the play.

One assumes that Macbeth is bloody just like the soldier.

Macbeth motif of blood

As their guilt grows, so does the importance of the blood. Motifs of this narration are represented through the use of various events and some specific symbols.

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Click the symbolism infographic to download. Is Macbeth being tempted to follow or warned not to pursue the hallucination? The image and scent of blood symbolizes the unending guilt of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The two main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are driven by ambition to commit evil actions including murder. The odour of the blood also has the same effect. The play includes many images of blood and water to show the characters' attitudes toward their own development of guilt. The most common motifs in the play are blood, sleep, vision, and supernatural.

His conscience is self-accusatory. In many Shakespearean plays — including this one — rebelling nature shows a departure from accepted political and moral order.

Once he kills his friend Banquo, who returns as a ghost, Macbeth tells that "blood will have blood" 3. The blood metaphor reveals a fundamental attitude change in Macbeth.

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Blood Symbolism in Macbeth by William Shakespeare