Long and short term causes of world war 1 essay

Both crises occurred in the ten years before the outbreak of World War I and both involved France trying to gain control over Morocco while Germany worked to prevent France.

Each country had great pride and nationalism.

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Limitless territories of north-western Europe were diminished to almost nothing; French and Belgian towns and towns had vanished from the map without any trace of existence. Since you were three years old, maybe even two years old. This brought the two countries and their alliances one step closer to war. The short term cause, which acted as a trigger to the Great War was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. This was especially apparent in the Balkans, which is a region in Southeast Europe that contains many different nation-states. There was jealousy between the countries because some had more colonies then others. Nationalism as a movement in Europe in the years before World War I, created the tensions necessary for a small event like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand to explode into the worldwide conflict that it became.

At the outbreak of fighting inFrance had over 1 million soldiers while Germany had over 2 million. Humanities Alive 4, pp This agreement along with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand is what triggered the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance togo to war against each other.

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This created a great deal of unrest in the empire. Lamont, J. The direct and indirect factors that caused WW1 to break out can be summarized by 5 major issues.

For example, in the 19th century European nations carried out massive campaigns of imperialism against the regions of Africa in an event known as the Scramble for Africa.

long term causes of ww1

Europe was pretty much at each others throats from until the war started in For example, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was not made up of one single nation, but rather consisted of many different groups.

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The long term and short term causes of World War 1 Essay Example