Literature review on performance appraisal in organizations

Finally, performance appraisal represents one of the least popular aspects of human resource management. Watling highlights the importance of giving appraisals based on facts, not just feelings and suggests the best way to do this is by measuring performance by surveys, on the job observation, peer group feedback and results against targets.

One impetus to the development of performance appraisal in U.

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According to Shelley Rebel, as in the Detroit News April 11, often managers are unsuccessful to explain what they really expect from their employees and fail to well describe the criteria used for assessing their performance.

For performance appraisal to be effective and useful, it is vital that those taking part, the appraiser and the appraisee, are both benefiting from it and find the procedure a productive tool, as without this, it would be impossible for the system to work.

Armstrong defined Performance Appraisal as the formal assessment and rating of individuals by their managers at, usually, an annual review meeting. USA: Amacom. There is much research which suggests that appraisal is not practiced well, or welcomed in some cases.

Grote describes performance appraisal as a formal management tool that helps evaluate the performance quality of an employee.

Brown cites major problems in Towers Perrin Performance Appraisal practices. A recent survey concluded that more than fifty percent of the workforce wishes that their supervisors list the performance objectives much more specifically and clearly.

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Literature Review on Performance Appraisal