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His job is to help the narrator hear the story and see his culture from the outside. The book Ishmael speaks to this deeper purpose. Quinn often uses the term Mother Culture as a feminine personification. Peter M. You think you have the right to exterminate competitors.

He suggests the narrator try to figure out his culture's creation myth. The next major term is Mother Culture, which Quinn employs to personify culture and make it another character in the novel.

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I believe that the larger environmental crisis that threatens us cannot be averted without profound changes in the predominant patterns of thinking and interacting within our institutions. It is this captive mindset of the Takers that leads to their impending destruction of the world. Ishmael pushes him to think about it more deeply, suggesting to him that the Greeks did not think of their myths as myths either; rather, what are now considered myths were just the stories that structured their lives. Ishmael is one way to begin that shift. Literature is not just about presenting compelling ideas. In less neutral terms, these groups can also be described as civilized the Takers and primitive the Leavers. So he goes to meet the teacher.

The work begun by those Neolithic farmers in the Near East has been carried forward from one generation to the next without a single break, right into the present moment.

Your time is important. In many ways, such a conversation requires another perspective that differs radically from our own. This is a book that appeals to each of us as individuals, and challenges us to begin making the individual changes necessary to create a collective cultural transformation.

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It offers hope against our self-destruction. We often think of dialogue as a group of people sitting in a circle, but in fact the root diet logos simply refers to a deep inquiry that opens up a new flow of meaning.

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