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In the author's comparison to other leading countries, the United States has academic standards and achievement requirements which do not directly insure that this nation's youth are job ready with a four year degree.

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Egalitarianism, he says, threatens elitism. Statistically, the United States Marine Corps has the lowest percentage of women in any of branch of the United States Department of Defense; only about six percent enlisted under their organization, thus making their male population, a whooping ninety-four percent, the overwhelming gender majority.

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In his opinion, following this process would allow only the more intelligent or ambitious of students into college, therefore assuring a competent post graduation workforce. A major point of interest for me in this essay was the fact that the issue of civil, natural rights does not seem to warrant a discussion at any point.

Everyone needs a valued place. This is an ideology that is often worn out.

What makes the book fascinating is the hilarious psychodrama which unfolds as Mr. He uses Professor Quirrell to help him do this. In the essay, the author is of the opinion that by reducing the number of degree seeking students, a nation can improve quality and the value of a college education. No, seriously. Socrates is openly confrontational in his address to an Athenian jury of his peers, and his philosophical elitism seems designed to confirm, rather than disprove the image the prosecution had created of an unstable, dangerous, and impious man intent upon corrupting the young. Capitalism, Tyranny, Elitism, and Utilitarianism are all present in the political drama Scandal. This attitude was illustrated and exemplified by posters featuring World War I veterans who belonged to the Corps. Each new episode unravels a secret battle that the characters have within themselves and the government. I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU and a donor to abundant left-of-center social causes.

As has been said about some Indian cultures, the best hunter eats last. The United States Marine Corps and the samurai had both created a modern mythology about themselves that emphasized the fact that they were a self-selected warrior caste who epitomized elitism, readiness, and bravery.

Why the need to put a stamp on it? Henry IIi - In Defense of Elitism Elitism is the behavior of a person or group who see them as superior to the rest of the society in being able to do something. This is a tragedy, because conservatism will become meaningless if, in an effort to displace the current elite from its perch, we embrace the notion that nobody has a right to that perch. Indeed it was one of Alexis de Tocqueville's chief concerns; that a nation that was so obsessed with equality would eventually abandon the idea of equality of opportunity in favor of the demand for equality of results. Today, the prevailing elite has pulled off a similar trick. Would severely limiting admission achieve the steep goals the author believes it will? He uses Professor Quirrell to help him do this. And, let us not forget the pea-soup-thick bile of moral equivalence and inverted logic that Israel elicits from elites around the world who are content to call democratic Israel a Nazi state — while describing various crapulent and dictatorial regimes who countenance demands for the actual eradication of Jews, as peace-loving and tolerant. So, as grade schools eliminate keeping score at games, postmodernists try to eliminate the notion of keeping score at anything, ever. Scores, you see, imply winners and losers, and if anybody feels like a loser then they feel bad — and anything that makes you feel bad is necessarily illegitimate. It's a hoot. Yet I am not a right-winger, and I hope I am not a nut.

In Defense of Elitism by William A.

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In Defense of Elitism