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You might make a PDF available to your readers for example. On Amazon, you can self publish eBooks for free and reach millions of readers. Leverage your Facebook pageTwitter, LinkedIn contacts, and more to get the word out. I'm just making this all up at this point, but you get the idea.

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I woke up one morning, opened Pages for Mac, typed the title that I had in mind, and wrote. Once you have a few titles all in the same niche, buyers of one book will browse other titles that you have and will many times buy if they liked your first book. Technically, that is when you officially launch your book. Share the ones you think will make your readers hungry for more. In addition, consider promoting your book on Facebook or to relevant blogs or groups that revolve around the topic you wrote about. If you want to publish an original work of fiction or nonfiction — something you write yourself fresh — that is also a good option. That's proof that you can make money self-publishing on Amazon. If you do enroll, and stay opted-in, your 90 days will renew and you will be given 5 more days of free promotion. Do giveaways. To craft a title that appeals to potential readers, keep it short, sweet and interesting. Kindle suggests you write it in Word because if you decide to format this yourself, you must save your file to a filtered. Images are allowed and should be inserted as.

Also, if you're selling your ebooks on Amazon you can do paid ads directly on Amazon to promote your books to a highly targeted audience based on keyword searches and specific products like related books. Numbers Can Work Well Numbers in your title or subtitles can work very well.

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You should also promote your book on your blog, get active in forums related to the topic your book is about and tell people about it, and if you have an email listbe sure to promote it there too.

But why write and publish an eBook? Amazon only accepts Kindle formats of eBooks, which can put many bloggers off from using the service as they feel that this process must be difficult.

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If you can include a number in your subtitle, it can be a great way to go. Another example? KindleGen is a program that will convert your saved file into a format used for the Previewer. The easiest way to do this is either use Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac. So to get started, go do some keyword research using one or more of the tools we mentioned in tips 1 and 2. They can also lay out the interior pages too. Click on this tab and it will take you through to the page where you can start entering all the details of your book. You want to make sure that you fill in each of the sections and provide as MUCH detail as possible about your book.

If you want to publish an original work of fiction or nonfiction — something you write yourself fresh — that is also a good option.

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The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on Amazon's Kindle Platform