Hernan cortes conquest of the mexica empire and the city of tenochtitlan in the third chapter of a b

By any consideration, this is one of the most amazing journey of a man in history.

spanish conquest of the americas

The Spanish conquest of Mexico was the greatest military expedition in history, and in achieving it, Cortes proved himself one of the foremost generals of all time.

His History of the Conquest of Mexico, first published inremains an important unified narrative synthesis of the conquest. Through a combination of brutal force and diplomacy, he gradually convinced many groups to support him and openly defy the Aztecs.

Why did cortes want to conquer the aztecs

After Christmas , the conquistadors set out to return to Tenochtitlan. This is the legacy of Hernan Cortes and his conquistadors. Having lost more than half their company, they rally at Tlacopan before retreating to Tlaxcala. These were almost immediately published in Spain and later in other parts of Europe. They had to face attacks in outlying regions, but the brigantines were finally launched late in April and, with forces besieging the city from every direction, the battle began in earnest. Read it in this link to chapter two of the book Alexander the Great in Fact and Fiction, edited by A. In Mexico, instead, new populism is trying to celebrate indigenous fight against invaders. Transatlantic links drove forward the exchange of goods, information and people, beginning the process of conquest and colonisation which created our modern multicultural world. On 13 August , Cuauhtemoc was captured and the Aztecs admitted defeat. They believed sacrifice was a privilege, and were able to accept that violent death was a necessary part of life. Less than a week later, he seizes the Aztec ruler and takes control of the city. Colonialism cannot be justified by the doubtful measure of progress but, for better or worse, conquistadors helped to create the global world in which we live. Author jero Posted on.

The city was clean and well-ordered, with strong laws and political administration, but the Aztecs have often been regarded as a brutal and even evil people because they practised human sacrifice. After Christmasthe conquistadors set out to return to Tenochtitlan.

how did cortes conquered the aztecs

During the turbulent days before the Night of Tears, Montezuma was killed — a crime of which each side accused the other. The Aztecs were not dehumanised by this bloodshed, however.

spanish conquest of the aztecs

Whether this was for better or worse is a question for the philosophers.

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5th centenary of the arrival of Hernan Cortes to the Mexica empire