Gun control and the second amendment essay

As time goes on the controversy of the Second Amendment increases.

2nd amendment pros and cons essay

Federal and state laws also prohibit minors from purchasing guns. The Second Amendment of the constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, and is therefore one of the most important laws of the nation. However, the U. These proponents argue that by making stricter gun laws this will in turn reduce the number to crimes that are committed with guns and would thus save lives. While many have been passed, many have been voted unconstitutional meaning they affect the citizens second amendment rights At this time a person could break into a house unnoticed by neighbors. Once these things are taken into consideration only then will our "right to bear arms" be clearly defined. Military and the Army of Iraq, who in comparison, were virtually defenseless. People are beginning to see guns as an object of death and destruction and not as what they are meant to be. Groups like the NRA and ACLU need to work together to find a solution to this gun-control debate so in the end both groups are satisfied with the results. Today, is a different story. With and alarm system one can deter a criminal because most will leave at the sound of an alarm to avoid getting caught. Proponents of strict gun control laws, including Handgun Control Inc. No matter how much noise a person makes breaking down a door or setting off an alarm, they will still have enough time to get to the homeowner before the police get there.

Throughout the years there has been an ongoing debate over the Second Amendment and how it should be interpreted. These laws are based on several strategies: forbidding people who are considered to be unreliable from obtaining any firearms; prohibiting anyone other than the police, the military, and persons with special needs from acquiring high-risk guns; and requiring waiting periods before purchasing a gun or a gun license.

gun control vs gun rights essay

When the U. Moreover, the amendment has been one of many debates over the several years throughout America. The courts view that the Fourteenth Amendment was designed to protect the states against the federal or national government, and not to create a personal right that either the state or federal authorities are bound to respect.

gun control pros and cons essay

If the person who is acting violently towards another person has a gun, and the second person does not, he or she will not be able to defend themselves because a gun is a long range weapon that cannot be fought against.

Having a gun in the house can also be dangerous because of temperament, rage, and impulse because murder is usually a crime of passion.

Why the second amendment is important

However, the U. These gun advocates feel that if one is to give a rational interpretation of the collective view to the constitution, then one would have to assume that the Framers referred to the individuals in the first, fourth, and ninth amendments; to the states in the second amendment, and then separated the states and the people in the tenth amendment, although they feel that this was inconsistent with the wording of the second amendment 5. The founding fathers believed that state militias fighting for their country and freedom would be much more effective in battle. However, while gun control laws may decrease criminals access to guns, those same laws restrict law-abiding citizens. These moments will be seen throughout our nation in the form of examples of gun-related accidents and kids committing "Columbine High School" like acts. Little pistols are not needed by ordinary people and can easily be concealed be street criminals. Alcohol and drugs play a big role in the misuse of firearms. This preamble is set out to regulate the other half of the Amendment. What is a militia? New York: Prometheus Books,

The NRA has strenuously lobbied for the passage of state laws allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons. Don't wait until your kids have grown enough to be able to get to the gun before you move it, you should revise your safety precautions well in advance of that time.

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Since the beginning of fire arms it has become a tradition for most families in America.

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Essay on Gun Control. Research Paper on The Second Amendment And The RIght To Bear Arms