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There is a spell on the girls' staircase that prevents boys from using it; however, there is no such enchantment on the staircase to the boys' dormitory, allowing girls to use it whenever they wish, due to the founders' belief that girls were more trustworthy.

He said that he was using the diary to drain her life away. To enter, she had to say "Caput Draconis" to the portrait of the Fat Lady.

He was shrouded by a silvery cloak and grasped a small golden ball in his hand. Despite what others said, she insisted that the Fat Lady was not really fat, but was just "big boned".

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Minerva smiled to herself and shook her head and set into her pudding with a lighter heart. Thinking back over the dream, even Harry had fought the basilisk, but he had escaped with Fawkes and Ginny in time to free Dobby the house elf.

Blazon: gules, a lion rampant or that is, a golden lion on a red field, hence the Gryffindor colours of scarlet and gold House Ghost: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington "Nearly Headless Nick" Location: Gryffindor Tower, entrance on the seventh floor The entrance to the Gryffindor common room which, in turn, lead to the Gryffindor dormitories is located behind a large painting of a Fat Lady in a pink silk dress.

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However, it is possible that that person was another individual. The shiny blade cut through the sinew and bone of the roof of the creatures mouth and emerged from the top of it's skull, covered in blood. The witch and Fay, as well as Parvati and Lavender, were up and ready for their first day before Hermione was, though Parvati and Lavender had already left. Behind her painting is a large common room, with a fireplace, and two staircases leading up to the girls' and boys' dormitories. It was so realistic that she had actually felt the pain and sorrow as though it were real. Later years In her seventh year, she sat on her Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test in the — school year , unless she was a Muggle-born , in which case she would have been locked in Azkaban. Mary smiled widely as she grabbed her Holly wand from the bedside table and held back a grimace as she felt absolutely nothing when holding her beloved wand in her right hand. Healer Tonks waved her wand over Mary once again, then tapped it on the scroll. Mary searched the area once more and found no other signs of life while the other boy kept talking. Every few minutes the boy would look up to the canopy where dark shadows swam against the sky and Mary wondered what the odd creatures were. His face was blistering and burning just as Quirrel's had.

She was so focused on them that she had lost sight of the older boy until a familiar voice caught her ear. As he raised his wand, she stepped in front of Harry.

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Unidentified Gryffindor girl (VII)