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In practice, members of global civil society already go around national governments and deal directly with major international bodies.

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That, and the associated spread of ideas, is not reversible nor are other aspects of globalisation such as the global dimensions of environmental issues such as global warming. This is increasingly possible.


Those institutions want governments to ensure effective prudential and transparent regulation of their capital markets. There were also anti-globalisation demonstrations well before Seattle. Within the Asia-Pacific context, potential convergence is either seen negatively as neo-colonialism or positively as cosmopolitanism. Opponents also include a wider group who see globalisation as causing most of the problems of the worldincreasing economic insecurity and inequality, threats to the welfare state, homogenising consumer tastes, damage to the global environment, increased power of exploitative multinationals, and the undermining of sovereignty, national independence, identity and democratic processes. Factors enabling globalisation include the change in technology which is the socialised knowledge of producing goods and services, as well as the reduction in the protection of the world economy such as the successive reduction in I. In a detailed report to the Norwegian foreign ministry, an expert group concluded in October that, contrary to the widely accepted views, during the last decades of the 20th century international inequality has in fact been reduced. History tells us that there is no substitute for political leadership. That the role of the global social movements can be important in the security as in other fields is illustrated by the successful organised campaigns against the use of land mines. Australia has been involved in trade, investment, financial flows, technology transfers and the migration of labour since its foundation as a colony. How did we get here? Mostly no, but in some respects, hopefully yes. Perhaps more importantly, virtually all industrialised countries have experienced significantly slower aggregate income growth in the last decade relative to the decade that preceded it. Is globalisation new?

Who gains and who loses? How is Security Affected by Globalisation? Both imply lowest common denominator convergence of government actions.

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As the second quotation in the heading to this paper suggests, activists now use the characteristics of globalisationcheaper air travel, the Internet and global telecommunicationsto make possible the vastly increased participation in global networks. Discussions of the implications of globalisation are equally imprecise, in part because it combines different processes. While economic inter-dependence has probably decreased military insecurity, human security has probably not decreased. Neo-liberal Agenda: a widely held consensual world view on the key parameters of global economic management; specific components include the importance of markets, financial and other deregulation, liberalisation and privatisation. What caused the lack of trust was not globalisation either. Whether that is an appropriate lesson is an open question, given the role of domestic policies in managing global pressures. Many in the Asia-Pacific region would like to limit globalisation's effects to economics, as the quote from China's President implies, but while associated impacts can be limited they cannot be totally controlled. First, an inability to repair the fiscal position of the Commonwealth, putting at risk the AAA credit rating that underwrote much of what we were able to do in to protect the Australian economy. With the right domestic policy choices, we will continue to benefit from being an open economy.

Yet although the issues will be old ones, the influences will include the new ones that globalisation introduces. Many in the Asia-Pacific region would like to limit globalisation's effects to economics, as the quote from China's President implies, but while associated impacts can be limited they cannot be totally controlled.

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Is globalisation westernising or American in character?

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Globalisation in the Asia