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Close: Reiterate thanks and offer best wishes. Because i know you will never come to oklahoma so i will meet you whe ever i can.

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And if you need more help, just let me know what I can do. You and your career mean the world to me. Yes, they are very recognized by most people in the world. Do be sure to remind them to write you back soon. Be familiar to them and they will soon forget that you are a stranger, right? Tell everybody:. I hope one day I can make that come true. I wish I could meet you in person. Ending letters has always been somewhat difficult, I find, so I think good advice would be to make some excuse about why you must stop engaging their minds and flattering them expertly. Because i know you will never come to oklahoma so i will meet you whe ever i can. Own that impact. They can add pictures or explanations of why those people are important to them.

This act of writing to a famous person, it is very much a gamble. Celebrities get stalked more often than most people, so they have an acute sense of terror anytime they think they might be in danger. It is somewhat pathetic. Step Five: Wrap It Up All right, you have written two pages of promises and charm to your celebrity of choice.

How to make your letter to a celebrity stand out

Of course, I seldom go into describing my age or including a photograph, so the celebrity does not know that and probably quakes in a little fear whenever I send them things. My one and only dream would be to have the opportunity to play a part in a movie with you. Indeed, you want them to respect you, but you do not want worship. So ask not what your reader can do for you; ask what you can do for your reader. I love you! Do you suspect that the person would be impressed by creativity? Armed with this knowledge, start writing your letter as though you were writing to the rich, powerful, cockier version of yourself.

The length of your letter is also very important. Invite them out for coffee when they are in your area of the world. They put old King Midas to shame.

Letters to celebrities sample

What YOU can provide them, that nobody else in the world can, is your unique experience and how the reader improved it. It is somewhat pathetic. First Paragraph: Introduce yourself and explain why you are writing. Because i know you will never come to oklahoma so i will meet you whe ever i can. This is why I recommend that we start with the small potatoes. Maybe you have this overwhelming need to write to a politician so that you can further some agenda you have. It is also good form to write out your mailing address in clearly legible print all over the last page. VERY soon. And that you will be looking forward to hearing from them. Step Three: Know How to Talk to These People One thing that most people begin to forget in regards to celebrities is that they are really only human beings. Perhaps you are contacting a musician to speak highly of his or her musical techniques, and maybe would like to ask for that person to listen to things you have made.

Often, rising stars and starlets have ego problems because you probably need to have one while fighting for a place in that game. Knowing this, however, will enable you to use it to your advantage.

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Stressing this point puts the celebrity at ease and never ever sets off alarms in their heads. Or possibly you have this undying need to ask a movie star to put all morals aside and give you babies, give you babies right now. After so many people doing that very thing, you find it refreshing to meet a person unimpressed by your grandeur.

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