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Already some books on Persian and Arabic literature have arrived. There is a big library in our school.

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School librarian mainly performs the role of a teacher, information specialist, instructional partner and program administrator. We can find books by famous English, American, Canadian, Australian and our own language experts linguists.

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There was no one in the library at that time. Apart from the books on various subjects we can also borrow books of our interest such as story books, biographies, comic books and novels.

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A big portion of our school library is called the Reading Room. During exams we can sit for longer periods in the labrary. This makes it easy for us to learn and grasp faster. Anyone who makes noise is punished. Everyone should go to the library. I sat on the chair at the end of the table in the row. We are encouraged to read books on multiple topics.

Further, libraries provide tutoring programs and educational classes. The students are allowed to benefit from them in their vacant periods.

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Managing the staff members including recruiting, training and assigning duties. My school library offers books in multiple varieties. Education and library cannot exist alone and are inseparable. This is because they are a hub of information of all types essential for the students. Promoting, educating and assisting users in using the library resources. My library essay, paragraph in English for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8th class students. It provides us flexible learning space to do independent work.
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