Diary of tybalt

I was so anxious to see Juliet so I dispatched.

He was drunk and didn't care about Romeo. Rosaline, a woman who Romeo is very fond of, does not feel the same way about him. I plead him out of the kindness of my heart to please leave the place without incident. I remember once when they actually killed some of our men. Oh how I wish to renew our wedding vows tonight with sweet discourses. Will she still love me after I murdered her dear cousin? Who does he think he was to come in my party, how daring was it for him to had come here uninvited?

I'm not stupid! I wonder if they are still there mourning the loss of their friend.

romeo and juliet diary entry

So very crude. Benvolio values peace and always tries to avoid fighting.

Then, I quickly departed to visit my wife. Who does he think he was to come in my party, how daring was it for him to had come here uninvited? We fought in words until our Prince arrived to stop the hostility. What a fun game that would be!

tybalt diary entry

But I hoped that our true love would lead her to believing my innocence in killing Tybalt. And if he doesn't, I don't care! Your review has been posted.

My judgement hazed and confused, i assumed he'd gone home early to get some sleep, although i could've sworn i saw him scape into the capulet orchid, he appeared unresponsive and we'd concluded he'd found his own way home. Of course, they don't know I play with Romeo. I'm not sure what I'll say. But banishment? The citezens of Verona joined in, but I ignore them, for I did not care. What was two foolish men attempting to create drama quickly turned into an all in brawl between the two houses. They sickened me so much. If there is anything worse than death it is being banished from the city of Verona and being forced not to see Juliet. On the streets, they always argue with them. A futile slave of theirs bit his thumb at us Caplets.
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Diary of Tybalt