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He retired in but continued his research until his death in Fermilab[ edit ] Kolb and Hoddeson argue that during the heyday of Kennedy's "New Frontier," the physicists who built the Fermi Labs explicitly sought to recapture the excitement of the old frontier.

Not the constitution but free land and an abundance of natural resources open to a fit people, made the democratic type of society in America for three centuries while it occupied its empire. American intellect owes its form to the frontier as well. This is the frontier—the America—we have set ourselves to reclaim.

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In Australia, "mateship" and working together was valued more than individualism. This sectionalism had a great deal of influence on the development of the frontier. Religious institutions from the eastern seaboard, in particular, battled for possession of the West.

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My call is to the young in heart, regardless of age—to the stout in spirit, regardless of party. Individualism was king on the frontier. Delivered in Chicago before two hundred historians at the World's Columbian Exposition, a celebration of the four hundredth anniversary of Columbus's discovery of America, Turner's thesis discounted the then-dominant "germ theory" of American history, which argued that American political and social character evolved directly from European antecedents.

However, others viewed this interpretation as the impetus for a new wave in the history of United States imperialism. The frontier, they argued, shaped uniquely American institutions such as revivals, camp meetings, and itinerant preaching.

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But even within Western and frontier history, a growing body of historians has contested Turner's approach. Turner may have had difficulty writing books, but he was a brilliant master of the historical essay. According to Turner, American progress has repeatedly undergone a cyclical process on the frontier line as society has needed to redevelop with its movement westward. In Australia, "mateship" and working together was valued more than individualism. Cooperation and communities of various sorts, not isolated individuals, made possible the absorption of the West into the United States. He sounded an alarming note, speculating as to what this meant for the continued dynamism of American society as the source of U. They were written between September and July It explained why the American people and American government were so different from their European counterparts. He asked why the Turnerian American character was limited to English settlements in the New World, and why the frontier did not produce that same character among Native Americans and Spaniards. Wikipedia is a major presence on the electronic frontier, and the Wikipedia editors have been explicitly compared to the pioneers of Turner's American frontier in terms of their youth, aggressiveness, boldness, equalitarianism and rejection of limitations.
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