Daphnia dissection

The functional body cavity is a spacious hemocoel divided by a horizontal diaphragm into a dorsal pericardial sinus and a much larger perivisceral sinus. Extant arthropods exhibit regional specialization in the structure and function of segments and appendages but the ancestor probably had similar appendages on all segments.

The abdomen can be straightened to extend posteriorly from the carapace. The regions of the intestine filled with food are easily seen and are likely to be green with phytoplankton or brown with dried cladoceran pellets.

Daphnia reproduction

Along with the rotifers and copepods they account for most of the freshwater zooplankton. Lehrbuch der speziellen Zoologie, Band 1, Teil 4. Confocal laser-scanning data stacks were obtained using a Leica SP5 microscope or a Leica SP2 microscope, respectively. The coelom is reduced to small spaces associated with the gonads and kidney. There is frequently a larva although development is direct in many. Algae were collected twice per week and fresh autoclaved medium was added medium recipe after Dieter Ebert, Web guide to Daphnia parasites. The glossary includes terms from this textbook as well as the laboratory exercises. See if you can distinguish between some of the species present. Genetic tools, such as transgenesis and RNA interference, have become available allowing for functional analysis of eco-responsive genes, for example, see [ 3 - 6 ].

The abdomen and its claws are used to clean the thoracic appendages and remove blockages, such as filamentous algae, to the filter feeding apparatus. Such eggs may be enclosed in a purselike ephippium that rests in the sediment at the bottom of the lake or pond until the resting eggs hatch into parthenogenetic females.

daphnia habitat

The two compound eyes are fused on the midline. An atlas of invertebrate structure. Winter eggs hatch in the following spring. When you have secured a cladoceran in the jelly, carefully add lake water until the animal is immersed.

daphnia niche

The ephippium is released when the female molts. A glossary and chapters on supplies and laboratory techniques are also available.

daphnia pulex vs magna

Motionless Daphnia sink rapidly to the ground.

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Living Organism Care Guide: Daphnia