Computing option for physically challenged users

Expanded keyboards larger keys spaced far apart can replace standard keyboards for those with limited fine motor control. Anti-glare screens can make screens easier to read.

Handicappedness is measured by medical persons in various degrees while they give certificate to the handicapped person. Ergonomic keyboards, often split in the middle, can help by allowing you to type more effectively while keeping your wrists in more comfortable positions.

Another option for people with limited hand movement is a head-mounted pointer. For example, a standard word processor can be a valuable tool for individuals with dysgraphia, an inability to produce handwriting reliably.

This device will contain a transmitter. Next Steps Continue your exploration of computer technology for people with disabilities by: Buying the directory and attending the conference of Closing the Gap. Output Alternatives to audio output can assist the computer user who is hearing impaired.

Other devices, such as the Tobii PCEye, also give you the ability to position a mouse cursor anywhere on the screen by fixing your eyes on a specific screen location.

A particular system is "trained" to recognize specific voices.

input devices for physically challenged users

Various input devices are available for users with motor disabilities Harkin

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Input Devices for Physically Challenged Users