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The society that we have today is a by-product of continuous changes changes that generations before us believed to be for the better. A life sentence allows a person to reflect upon his or her past and change the person that he or she is.

He was truly sorry and changed in the end. He was stubborn, arrogant, biased, hateful, and seemed to want company only for his own amusement. His anger about his sentencing was justified; his accomplice and apparent leader was only given a life sentence while he was to die.

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Doesn't the moral foundation of a society erode if its government is allowed to treat these fundamental, nonnegotiable rights as some sort of privilege, which they take on themselves to dispense for good behavior or withdraw for bad behavior? The Walking Dead 7x She became a nun to give back to the community which gave her good Christian morals and values.

Dead Man Walking is a American crime drama film starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, and co- produced and directed by Tim Robbins, who adapted the screenplay from the non- fiction book of the same name.

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Throughout the duration of the film, the focus of Restorative Justice is demonstrated through the willingness of Sister Helen Prejean and her determination to assist a criminal on his path to redemption. Film Analysis of Dead Man Walking For many years, the death penalty has been a punishment for severe crimes. Lethal injection is now the main way of carrying out the penalty, and Texas is the state that uses it most. The characters of Sister Helen, Matthew, and the victims parents all went through these changes during the movie for different reasons. A nun, while comforting a convicted killer on death row, empathizes with both the killer and his victim' s families. What are you waiting for? In the start of the film we see a family that is escaping from a burning boat and when they do they find themselves on a on an island in the jungle and they start to build themselves a home in the form of a treehouse. This film has a reoccurring theme of showdowns. Delacroix, showed no interest in being helped to understand her situation. All in all, Sister Helen was a shining example of strength, courage, and love that all people could look up to. Matthew Poncelet was not a danger to society at the end of the film. He harbored a lot of hatred and sadness because of the slaying. In The Breakfast Club, a film production by John Hughes, the characters of the film did not communicate, which led them to make assumptions about one another that turned Those characters are to remain dead and will not be.

Everyone changes their ideals and morals depending on their situation. We also see another family in the beginning of the film, but this family is a little different, they're gorillas. He did not appear to care about his crime, nor those whose lives his crime changed forever.

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