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There are two age groups: years and years. This book is no exception. Winners are selected in both poetry The prize is awarded to a poetry chapbook judged to b With lyrical text and her signature plasticine magic, Barbara Reid captures these majestic beings: in every season, growing and changing, interacting with the people and animals around them.

Deadline: Vallum is accepting original and previously unpublished chapbooks for this contest.

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Jury panels drawn from the Canadia Finally I took to Facebook and discovered the link to the story which was not at all apparent on their website. Deadline: All entrants must be Northern Ontario residents.

Maximum lines.

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Canada registrants, as well as applaud and support the prize-winning writers. Well-known novelists N. Deadline: The Canada-Japan Literary Awards recognize literary excellence by Canadian writers writing on the subject of Japan, or Japanese culture. Deadline: Books must be Canadian business-related and published in Deadline: This contest is open only to Christians.

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Canadian Writers Vie for Top Prizes in Canadian Christian Writing Awards