Buzzword bingo business plans

Rightsizing: Shudder. Others group formerly separate concepts under a single relevant category. Managers replaced conventional words with coinages to try to change the way employees thought about their jobs. Objectives: the objectives of the key result areas of the business; in most plans written as a list of tasks. Take them on a journey. Please stop it. And to be honest, I do think that sometimes we have to take a moment and look at the language we are using. Job satisfaction: the combined attitudes and beliefs positive or negative that are held about a job, usually on a real downer when the decentralisation project does not devolve power but just tasks. Collaborate: So so misused. Never use it outside of a business case!

For example, a buzzword bingo card for a presentation at a tech company may include relevant and clear words like processor or memory Buzzword bingo can also describe a buzzword-heavy memo or presentation, whether anyone has printed bingo cards for it or not.

Then say that.

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Collaborate: So so misused. Oh wait… another buzzword bingo sheet? Key Result Areas: the areas of the business where the result is key to the business performing well; in most plans written as a list of tasks. Synergistic: You mean it all fits together?

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Take them on a journey. Stop it.

buzzword bingo business plans

At the same time, large, impersonal corporations were looking for ways to build a sense of connection among their employees. Time box: A project planning term which means thinking about deliverables in a fixed period of time.

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