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Even thought the new wage construction helped in enrolling more hires. The company can hire people in the short time they have, by giving rewards to employees who make use of their employee referral program and customer referral programs etc.

what recommendations would you give blinds to go to improve their staffing practices?

But this policy was successful merely in dumbly populated countries with high footstep. Improvement on employee referral system — which provides proper reward and recognition to employees involved.

For example, a company going for a joint venture needs different skills than a company looking to diversify into new markets.

blinds to go staffing a retail expansion case study analysis

To counter this inauspicious consequence. That was the walk-ins.

Shiller was the sole operator of the company and until his son joined in s, He persuaded his father to focus on selling blinds. The Promotion Structure: A scheduled review and internal promotion structure could be followed which attracts the current employees and increases the retention rate. The larger turnover of people who were terminated due to under-performance 3. Under this plan the Senior Employees would take up the duty of the preparation faculty and assist the company attain the degree of quality it requires in its work force. After 4 months the initial turnover 2. From the mid s, BTG focussed on the sale of blinds. Starting in the mid- to late s, BTG experienced two sales-related problems. Due to this, it seems like their decision making capabilities seem to be lacking as well as their problem solving abilities. How can BTG improve on the weaknesses you identified in question 1, and what can it do to maintain the strengths? Even though they were growing fast, they faced few problems which include staffing and decrease in sales. The BTG selling process involved a high level of customer interaction, which set a very high level of service expectation. According to the percentage of staff voluntary turnover occurred in their first four months become low and the employees are stable in BTG, the company will have stable source of staff to proceed with its expansion plan and develop complements efficiently. It is said it was only successful in densely populated areas, which could be improved by making the sales job an inspirational job in the small towns and sub-urban areas.

Newspaper Advertising: Newspaper channel generated the maximum number of leads but the senior management believed that this medium did not generate the quality of candidates that BTG needed. Still the BTG stores experienced a high employee turnover that year.

The initial wage as a trainee would be low. One of the key weaknesses was the obvious, difficulty of measuring the growth of the employee base. Though they had performed sub- optimally in terms of number of number of new recruits, their training had increased to enable to get in at least 4 new recruits per week. The new business plan generated positive customer responses and by year , the business has expanded widely across North America. Finally, senior management believed that sales managers had to be properly motivated and provided them with a combination of store sales commission and opportunities for rapid advancement in the growing organization. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this career path process in terms of: a the business, and b the impact on staffing. Gross saless declined and the overall staff turnover increased. Cash registers ring up transactions worldwide. Increased Stock Options to senior and experienced Store Managers would give them a feel of ownership in the firm which is what an employee needs after serving an organisation for years.
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Blinds to Go Case Essay Example