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The creation of law and new policies can be complicated and there are many parts to it. Have other organisations tackled the same issue? Where will you go for guidance? In this assignment I am going to analyse how government policies are developed, covering all aspects of the policy making process. Firstly, policies start from new ideas on how to change or manage a situation in the UK. Gather information Do you have any legal responsibilities in this area? A cabinet meeting is when the government departments involved in the new idea meet with the prime minister and the top ministers to discuss it.

Consult with appropriate stakeholders Policies are most effective if those affected are consulted are supportive and have the opportunity to consider and discuss the potential implications of the policy.

These debates are known as public meetings, specialist consultation meetings or enquiries.

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All branches of the government …show more content… From these discussions parliamentary subcommittees are formed to look at different parts of the idea. Together with the monarch these three government organizations are known as Parliament.

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Have other organisations tackled the same issue? The organisation needs to constantly assess its activities, responsibilities and the external environment in order to identify the need for policies and procedures.

Each level contains a variety of different organisations and branches of government which help to keep the country and the public services running smoothly and effectively. It starts off as a discussion in the House of Commons, and if decided to be an effective new policy idea then it is sent off.

The central government is also charged with delegation of duties to the local government as well as coordination of these local governments.

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How Government Policies Are Developed Unit 1 M4 Public Servicesa Essay