An introduction to the culture of zimbabwe

Gaidzanwa, R. In68 percent of the population lived below the poverty line. A woman also gains authority and respect with age, and newly married daughters-in-law take over much of the housework and help in the fields. Other ethnic groups, each constituting 1 percent of the population, are the Batonga in the Zambezi Valley, the Shangaan or Hlengwe in the low veld, and the Venda on the border with South Africa.

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Linguistic Affiliation. The Ndebele are the next largest group, comprising roughly 12 percent of the population. When a spirit becomes angry, it communicates through a medium, or a diviner diagnoses the anger and cause, and appeasement follows.

Zimbabwe is a parliamentary democracy headed by a president. A village is headed by village headman who answers to the chief.

introduction to zimbabwean culture and heritage

Sadza is also commonly eaten with boerewors a sausage made from beef or porkchickenor curdled milk sour milkcommonly known as "lacto" mukaka wakakora. McCrea, Barbara, and Tony Pinchuck. He is a writer, lecturer, musician, art critic, practising artist and corporate image consultant.

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To serve, wet a small bowl with cold water.

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Culture and Customs of Zimbabwe