An analysis of the dominicans in the united states of america

why did dominican republic immigrants come to america

Thus, Dominicans coming to the United States already have more than a passing familiarity with the country to which they are immigrating. And, as the national pastime, baseball represents a way to demonstrate the pride Dominicans have in their nation.

Reading was selected primarily because of its high growth rate and its location in the Northeast, but it has other distinguishing features that have already been alluded to.

how are dominicans treated in the united states

The previous inhabitants, Taino indigenes, were destroyed by diseases, weapons, and enslavement brought by the Spanish. The Dominican Republic is a nation of approximately 5. Education seems to occupy a place of importance in the Dominican migrant world view.

After regaining independence after several years of colonial rule, the Dominican government discussed the possibilities of annexation with U. Inonly immigrants from the former Soviet Union received more public assistance than Dominicans in New York City.

An analysis of the dominicans in the united states of america

Baseball, however, is far more than sport or recreation to Dominicans both in the Caribbean and in the United States.

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Dominican Immigrants and Discrimination in a New Destination: The Case of Reading, Pennsylvania*