An analysis of harrison bergeron

The inventor of the pills that rob the populace of their sexuality did so after witnessing a monkey at the zoo masturbating, while taking his children to the zoo after church. These handicaps are mandated by a government that wants to 'equalize' everyone.

In other words, George and Hazel seem to have been brainwashed.

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They have it in Sweden" Then this contextualization will attend to Vonnegut's audience. His world was created by a theocratic government.

His spoken word is consistent with his fiction and nonfiction. What Vonnegut suggests is that nothing can change unless individuals force it, but that individuals too often lack the courage to enforce that chance.

Harrison bergeron symbolism

Anyone who tries to change the system is killed. Suddenly, Diana Moon Glampers appears in the studio and shoots Harrison and the Empress dead with a shotgun. The scientists do not get off easy in Welcome to the Monkey House either. And the cause is America's form of egalitarianism: anti-intellectual leveling. The dystopian society of "Harrison Bergeron" is reminiscent of that of Vonnegut's novel The Sirens of Titan, in which a space wanderer returns to Earth to find all people made equal through the use of "handicaps. They weren't only equal before God and the law. In other words, George and Hazel seem to have been brainwashed. Media, then, is shown to be a major way of placating them. The idea of equalizing everyone would certainly have called socialism to mind at the time Vonnegut wrote the story in , and the use of a totalitarian government to brutally enforce that equality evokes nations like the USSR or China. More specifically, this text satirizes America's Cold War misunderstanding of not just communism but also socialism. Vonnegut fears the misuse of science by the politicians as much as he fears the influence of religion on them, and this is an important theme to remember in his work.
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A Literary Analysis of Harrison Bergeron