Adjective and united states

usa or the usa

Of course, this means we have two super-practical disyllabic! We were disappointed by the motorcycle daredevils. The difference between them whether to use periods or not is just a matter of style. There is no corresponding adjective.

Adjective and united states

We stayed there until the town's annual Fall Festival of Small Appliances. See the section on Capitalization for further help on this matter. Instead, the full phrase United States should be used when the text requires a noun. We were exhausted from all the excitement. I'm feeling good, thank you.

The elderly are beginning to demand their rights. The Associated Press takes the same approach to this debate.

Is the word us an adjective

With most verbs, there is no contest: when modifying a verb, use the adverb. The professor remained aloof. Attributive use is not found in normal use, where instead you use the preferred attributive form of the head noun in the non-abbreviated compound name; i. We were embarrassed by my brother. The exception is in Headlinese , where whichever form is shorter is often used. It is one thing to be a frightened child; it is an altogether different matter to be a frightening child. The Associated Press Stylebook prefers the abbreviation U. My mother is less patient than my father. Of course, this means we have two super-practical disyllabic!
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Adjective for Person Who is from The United States