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He seems more smitten with Henrietta and Louisa Musgrove. Neither Anne nor the captain give a sign that one remains interested in the other.

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Neither Anne nor the captain give a sign that one remains interested in the other. Louisa's brain has been jostled into a liking for poetry, and she and Captain Benwick are planning to make some sweet poetry of their own, leaving Captain Wentworth to look elsewhere for a wife. Anne and the Captain are reconciled happily. Walton Litz has emphasized the special quality of Austen's Persuasion among her novels in that it was written over a relatively narrow space of two or three years from start to finish. The news both surprises and pleases Anne — Captain Wentworth, after all, is now free. In his naval career, he was a captain when he married, present at the major battle of Trafalgar in , then assigned in the east Indies, and holds the rank of rear admiral of the white. At the time, however, the captain had neither fortune nor title to his name. It features a heroine who is generally unappreciated and to some degree exploited by those around her; a handsome prince who appears on the scene but seems more interested in the "more obvious" charms of others; a moment of realisation; and the final happy ending. Mary is married to Charles Musgrove of nearby Uppercross Hall, the heir to a respected local squire. Soon news comes that Captain Wentworth has returned from sea and is staying with his sister at Kellynch. Elliot well, as her husband was good friends with him. And in Anne's mind they are just as certainly bound up with 'the sweets of poetical despondence'. Lady Dalrymple — A viscountess , cousin to Sir Walter.

The reason for this contradiction is that Anne Elliot is the central intelligence of the novel. The Crofts arrive in Bath with news of two engagements; Henrietta will marry her cousin Charles Hayter, and Louisa will marry Captain Benwick, a man she met at Lyme while she was convalescing.

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Kellynch Hall will be let, and the family will settle in Bath until finances improve. In fact, eight years ago Wentworth and the middle Elliot daughter, Anne, had hit it off so well that, after dating for a few months, they were already talking marriage.

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If I loved a man, as she loves the Admiral, I would be always with him, nothing should ever separate us, and I would rather be overturned by him, than driven safely by anybody else". They soon find excellent tenants to rent their home; Admiral and Mrs. In Persuasion, Anne Elliot's feelings and evaluations correspond to those of the narrator in almost every situation, although there are several significant lapses Lady Dalrymple — A viscountess , cousin to Sir Walter. Litz, citing the research of Norman Page, gives an example of Austen's meticulous editing by excerpting a passage of Austen's cancelled Chapter Ten of the novel and comparing it to the revised version. Anne and the Musgroves go to the nearby seaside village of Lyme Regis with Wentworth to visit his old friend Captain Harville. They decide to marry, this time without much resistance from anyone. He first proposed to Anne, who said no. The doctor determines that Louisa will recover, but sh e will have to remain in Lyme for several months. While in Bath, Anne becomes reacquainted with an old school friend, Mrs. Later revealed that, beneath his charming veneer, Mr Elliot is a cold, calculating opportunist, who later had led Mrs Smith's late husband into debt, to fuel his own expensive lifestyle.

Despite being strongly impressed by wealth and status, he allows the insinuating Mrs Clay, who is beneath him in social standing, in his household as a companion to his eldest daughter. Elliot, despite his having blown her off before, but Anne is the one he's interested in.

They intend to rent the family estate, Kellynch Hall. When Lady Russell, a trusted family advisor, suggests that the Elliots reduce their spending, Sir Walter is horrified.

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The group decides to go for a morning walk on the beach. Fanny ultimately rejected her suitor and after her aunt's death married someone else. He is an eminently eligible bachelor. Things start to get more exciting and more awkward when Captain Wentworth comes to visit his sister. Two family friends, Mr. As executor to her husband's will, he takes no actions to improve her situation. A new marriage might mean a new son, displacing him as heir to Kellynch. Anne marvels at the bustling nature of the household and the Musgroves' clear affection for their children. Anne keeps a level head and does all she can to care for Louisa.

Thus Austen creates a emotional fairy tale which keeps you dreaming and makes you believe that true love never dies. Once he returns home, she again connects with Hayter.

A short analysis of persuasion by

Lady Russell, acting in place of Anne's late mother, persuaded her to break the engagement, which Lady Russell saw as imprudent for one so young. He is exceedingly vain and cannot bear to imagine life without his usual comforts. Smith, who has some dirt to dish on Mr. But they were all written by men. Although they exchange only brief words, they meet again at a party hosted by Lady Dalrymple. After a few weeks, she le aves to stay with Lady Russell. He loves her — and she must express her response to him. Anne visits her old friend Mrs. He might have enjoyed more time with her, before she returned to Lady Russell, but that did not occur. The breach had brought great unhappiness to Anne. Anne visits Mary and her family, where she is well-loved.
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