A biography of walter disney and the importance of his work

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The work and payment were quite attractive. It was popular with critics and theater audiences. The new series, Alice Comedies, proved reasonably successful. He changed the focus of the project from a town to an attraction.

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On November 28,they had to sell their farm and inthe family decided to move to Kansas City following the example of many neighbors who were migrating across the America without the end. Inwhen Disney production was rapidly growing, he announced a competitive recruitment contest for artists.

His legacy lives on to this day. Became loaded with debt, pursued by creditors, Walt fell into extreme poverty: he had no money for clothes or food.

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Walt managed to protect from sale only a camera and a copy of his most original work, Alice in Wonderland. Disney declared bankruptcy and left Kansas City in July of to try his luck in Hollywood. Searching for a replacement for Oswald, Disney hit upon the idea of creating a new cartoon character based on a mouse that had lived in his office in Kansas City. When his tour was over, Walt returned to Chicago briefly, but rather than going back to school and getting a high school diploma, he headed back to Kansas City in Disney and his staff began work on six cartoons, each one a seven-minute fairy tale that combined live action and animation. Walt Disney drew a cartoonish character on the ambulance car that he used to drove while working as an ambulance driver. Army moved onto the Disney lot and stayed for eight months. He was married to Lillian Bounds in Roy Disney, for financial reasons, suggested more combined animation and live-action productions. Also hired at this time were several local artists, some of whom stayed with the company as core animators; the group later became known as the Nine Old Men. September 2,

He struck a deal with Pat Powers of Cinephone.

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Biography for Kids: Walt Disney