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Can you help? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Original Work: The essay must be the original work of the student submitting the essay for competition. March Due Date: The Fountainhead, grades The remainder are suggested time deadlines but your club can exercise discretion in how it conducts its contest and chooses its winner that is submitted to the district contest. How do I find a woman to interview? All student essays should be written about this topic. Participating students will sign the pledge on the cover sheet stating that the essay is their original work. Association for Women in Mathematics P.

Due Date: Athem, grades This will likely be someone in a different region, so interviews would take place remotely e. Use the form online. Appoint a committee to evaluate the winning essays submitted by the Clubs and select the District winners.

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Team writing and the use of work written by other sources, even if foot-noted, is not authorized. The contest was open to U.

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This deadline is several weeks before the deadline for submitting essays in order to allow time for the student and interviewee to find a common time for the interview which may take place over phone or Skype, since matches are not usually in the same geographic area. How do I find a woman to interview? Entrants were required to submit essays of no more than 2, words, responding to a prompt about the origins of citizenship and its evolution in American history. We may not be able to accommodate too many last minute requests! Team writing and the use of work written by other sources, even if foot-noted, is not authorized. Now, USIP is building upon the legacy of the NPEC which was wrapped up in by partnering with other organizations on a range of initiatives that inspire students to learn more about global peacebuilding and to put their own good ideas into action. They highlighted the evolution in the views of Senator Arthur Vandenberg from isolationism to multilateralism, and the policy consequences as he sought to promote and protect U. April An essay contest open to all high school juniors and seniors who are U. Appoint a committee to evaluate the best essays submitted from the students submitting essays. The annual contest, which is designed to foster patriotism, allows students the opportunity to voice their opinion in a 3 to 5-minute essay based on a particular theme. The dates and times in bold are critical dates that must be complied with. A panel of judges carefully read the essays and selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as two essays meriting honorable mention. What is the Request Deadline? We are also planning to change the essay prompt on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to keep the contest fresh and relevant to students.

Due Date: Currently accepting submissions National Public Radio invites writers to craft an essay of words or less about a favorite photo. One advantage of this is that you can interview the woman in person, which some students prefer.

Taylor was looking for a way to distinguish his new company from the others, while at the same time achieving financial prosperity. You can read about her before you interview her and use that information to decide which questions to ask her, but your essay must be based on the interview you conduct yourself.

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